Our people

personalities. Many points of view. Many areas of expertise. 1 melting pot of experiences. Numberless possibilities to achieve Brilliance.

Senior Account Director

Aine Hawes

Aine is digital account director at 2112 responsible for client development, digital strategy and project delivery. She has worked in advertising and marketing roles in the publishing industry for fifteen years including six years at Hearst Magazines. She has worked agency side for the past two years working with financial clients including JP Morgan, Old Mutual, Deutsche Bank, Legal and General and M&G Investments and leading publishers including the Economist and Financial Times brands such as BMW, Jaeger le Coultre, UBS, Fujitsu and Airbus.

Client Services Manager

Anthony Buck

Anthony is the Client Services Manager working primarily on the BNY Mellon Investment Management and Newton Investment Management businesses. He has over 20 years experience in working within the Financial Services industry. His roles in this time have included Senior Graphic Designer, Print Production Manager and Head of Design and Print working with such companies as National Mutual Life, Henderson Global Investors and JP Morgan.

Technical Director

Darren Howes

He does everything so quickly and so well that it's easy to imagine Darren occasionally donning a superhero's outfit. Not Superman or Batman perhaps, but certainly Robin on speed. He is close to genius when it comes to anything technical and as Technical Director of 2112 our clients benefit from the full scope of his talents. Never knowingly having ever said 'no' to a challenge, Darren's ability is only matched by his positivity. If it's possible then Darren will get it done. If it's impossible, it might just take a little longer. When it comes to technical development he absorbs knowledge as easily as we draw breath. With the curiosity and energy of a hyperactive puppy, Darren constantly keeps ahead of the pack. His enthusiasm is unflagging and with a work rate that is exhausting his contribution to the agency and our clients is at a level that we mere mortals can only marvel at.

Senior Designer

Janice Hamilton

Janice, Senior Designer at 2112 recognises that there is more to design than organising words and pictures into pleasing arrangements. She has many years' experience in design, advertising and brand development and enjoys the challenge of creating dynamic, eye catching solutions to best meet a client's requirements and just to keep you on your toes she'll throw in a few ideas that take the brief to another level. She has worked in agencies and as a freelancer on projects for a wide range of clients in the financial, pharmaceutical, retail and charity sectors.

Creative Director Brand

Justin Weir

Justin has over 15 years' experience in Graphic Design in the agency, corporate and publishing environments. He has worked with a wide range of clients across many sectors including financial, charity, consumer, healthcare and retail. He revels in creating integrated marketing plans, corporate communications, editorial design and brand guidelines.

Studio Manager

Mick Winn

Mick works for our in house Studio and has worked with Phil and Simon for over 22 years, but has been around the financial sector for over 28 years, prior to which he was at HMSO's Parliamentary Press and The Observer. Therefore, accurately working to tight guidelines and timeframes is the norm. Clients he has worked with include Henderson Global Investors and Henderson Property, Aviva, Prudential, F&C, State Street, Societe Generale, Lyxor and Douglas & Gordon. Mick is also a trained proofreader.

Studio Director

Neil Fenton

As capable as Bear Grylls, as resourceful as David Blane and as reliable as A. P. McCoy; Neil is definitely an, 'action speaks louder than words' kind of guy. As Studio Director it is his calm head and steady hand on the tiller that keeps us from being swamped when our workload is in full flood. Confident that he has seen it all before (and got the T shirt) Neil manages to maintain equilibrium however pressurised the situation. He is the living embodiment of Rudyard Kipling's phrase, 'if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, not that we blame Neil for everything, of course. More multi faceted than a Swiss Army knife, Neil's experience spans the length and breadth of today's media channels. Print, press, outdoor and digital are all handled with the same efficient aplomb. As the old adage goes; good creative wins accounts and poor service loses them; but with Neil at the helm that's not something we have to worry about.

Head of Design

Felicity Moore

To us she's Flik. Under that big hair is big design experience. Flik has as diverse a range of design skills as you could wish for. Whether it’s B2B marketing, brand development, publishing or channel marketing, Flik has been there and done it. She is pretty well travelled through all aspects of design and yet Flik loves to explore new ways of doing things. Did we mention ‘well travelled’? Well, Flik is Australian, so travelling is in her DNA - which means in her 8 years over here, she’s been to more European destinations than most people can manage in a lifetime.

Client Account Executive

Olivia Taylor

Since January 2015 Olivia has worked at 2112 as an Account Executive. Olivia studied Event Management at University and after this worked for a Travel Marketing organisation, for a year and a half, where she worked on several Marketing Campaigns, with a range of different individuals from all over the world. While at University Olivia worked for a Financial Services company doing Administration and Project work. Here she worked with individual clients to large organisations that range across several different industries.

Executive Creative Director

Peter Worrall

Capricious, volatile, erratic... but if you're not difficult then you're not creative. Right? Wrong. If these adjectives describe what is expected of an Executive Creative Director then Peter is an oasis in a desert, a harbour in a storm, a ninety-nine on the beach at Camber. As the Executive Creative Director at 2112 he provides a refreshing reminder for us and our clients of how much fun the creative process can be. It's a truism that when you want something done well, you should give it to a busy man and Peter is certainly that. He has an almost childish enthusiasm for his job and he is probably one of the most productive creative directors you'll ever meet. Whatever the brief, Peter is not only hands on he is all over it. His interests extend way beyond work of course and as anyone who has had lunch with Peter will agree he is a man of enormous appetites and enormous trousers. His love for buns is legendary as is his unfathomable passion for the music of Stackridge. There's no accounting for taste but with Peter we're delighted to enjoy his prolific substance over uncertain style every time.


Phil Hawkins

Phil Hawkins

If positivity could be captured Phil could keep a bottling plant busy 24 / 7 all on his own. Optimistic and enthusiastic in equal measure, as Managing Director of 2112 Phil is ceaseless in his determination to make our work the very best. With experience that encompasses more than a couple of decades and a huge range of communications disciplines, our Peter Pan sits somewhere between the Fonz and Boris Johnson in terms of confidence and energy. His ‘can do’ attitude is infectious and his delight in pleasing a client is visible from space. As a founder of 2112 Phil is professional, understanding, totally committed but never takes himself too seriously. He loves all aspects of the agency and is the first to recognise that it's the right balance of hard work and fun that makes the world go round.

Client Services Director

Simon Rowley

A serious climbing accident resulted in Simon being fitted with more titanium than a NASA spacecraft. Our very own $6,000,000 man. Since joining 2112 as Client Services Director he is better than ever and worth his weight in gold. Anyone who has worked with Simon knows he's the one you want holding the rope when you're dangling above a crevice over a thousand foot drop. He is the point man of choice when things need to get done. On time, on budget and to perfection. He's professional, efficient, diligent and a joy to work with. He's the first one in the office every morning and the last one to complain about the constant ribbing that he gets in the agency .It's our opinion that when it comes to client service Simon is at the summit; a level to which most account handlers can only aspire.

Senior Digital Project Manager

Rob Dow

Whatever the size and complexity of your digital project you need a safe pair of hands. Someone who you can trust to get the job done in the best way possible. Well that’s Rob. With over 15 years experience managing digital teams working on big name clients, Rob knows how to make sure the planning and execution of any digital project is spot on. We could reel off a list of the skills that Rob masters to do his job so well - but hey, life’s too short. So let’s talk about his pet jellyfish instead. Apparently, if we don’t do things Rob’s way we are all going to be thrown to the killer jellyfish - average survival rate 30 seconds. So with that in mind we all think Rob's way is best. And with absolutely no extra persuasion - we're glad to say our clients do too.

Account Manager

Eleanor Long

Ellie has boundless enthusiasm coupled with a real 'can-do' attitude. It's those qualities that have propelled her to gain account management experience in many sectors from washing powder to iPhones as well as financial and corporate communications. Along the way Ellie has learnt to speak French and Spanish - with Italian next on the cards. Ellie really does have a rich mix of skills, and when she’s not mixing it at work she might well be found mixing up a delicious chocolate cake at home.

Finance Assistant

Adelaide Nyenya

Adelaide has been putting her accounting and finance degree to good use with us since graduating in 2015. In fact when it comes to supporting our finance team we really can’t sing her praises enough. She is also currently learning Spanish which probably explains why when anyone asks when the staff monthly expenses will be paid, the answer is always “mañana”.

Technical Lead

George Mylonas

In the digital world, you name it and George has done it. He has a successful background across all applications, managing and extending websites, working with many of the widely used frameworks. In his past life he has worked as Chief Technical Officer on a major digital start-up. He is very much part of the digital community in London attending developer meetings on a regular basis. In his spare time he has modelled for a tyre company (move over Pirelli!) and been a member of the Greek rowing team. He is also a keen salsa dancer, but we’re not sure if he gets to showcase that particular skill at the developer meetings.

Front End Web Developer

Daniel Blythe

With a first class honours degree in Multimedia Technology, Daniel is unnervingly talented and possibly even more unnervingly passionate about Front End web development. His 5 years experience includes major projects delivered for Sony, Cornhill Capital and tech start-up OwnFone. Daniel continues to evolve through his obsession with emerging new web technologies and efficient development methods. His only distraction appears to be an insatiable appetite for life-threatening chillies. His characteristic taciturnity may simply be the result of having burnt his vocal cords to a cinder!

Senior Account Director

Siobhan Brunton

While searching for a method of self perpetuating energy, there is a potential source that scientists have obviously overlooked. Siobhan is a veritable human dynamo, who as Account Director at 2112 consistently delivers tireless commitment to the cause of client satisfaction. Siobhan combines unparalleled project management with outstanding strategic insight and attention to detail. More importantly, she is fiercely loyal and cares as much about our clients as they do about themselves. With the efficiency and reliability of a BMW and the passion of a Maserati, Siobhan is a one off. Uniquely dedicated, she drives herself and us all to give of our best; and more. When we're sure we've done as much as we can, Siobhan points out we can try a bit harder. She leads by example and when she speaks... we listen.

Print & Production Director

Stephen Wright

Like the character from one of Roald Dahl's most beloved children's stories, Stephen is both large and amiable. However, that is where any similarity with the BFG ends. Unlike the eponymous hero of the novel, Stephen's ears are nicely in proportion with the rest of his body and as Print and Production Director at 2112 he is organised, efficient and a steely negotiator. Stephen inhabits a ludicrously pressurised world of ridiculous deadlines, eleventh hour alterations and frantic media owners. Whatever the scenario and whether in print or digital he manages all with calm assurance and unflappable precision. Stephen has built a reputation amongst all who work with him as being no-nonsense, straight dealing and thoroughly reliable. We would agree with all of that and more. In fact, we wouldn't dream of swapping our gentle giant for all the frobscottle in Giant Country.

Full Stack Web Developer

Jacob Chen

Jacob knows web development through and through. Right from his front end to his back end and everything in between, Jacob is a fully focused full stack developer. In fact, he’s so focused that sometimes he needs to recharge his batteries, usually by having a little lie down - under his desk. And when he needs to recharge a little more, he tells us he likes good food, music, holidays - and people. Presumably all enjoyed in a horizontal position.

Account Manager

Will Wright

The youngest member of the team, Will is the future. He is developing as quickly as the technology he immerses himself in. Progress is the order of the day, and as Account Executive at 2112 it's his job to embrace all things new. Participating in the 2112 trainee programme, Will's tenacity and hard graft overcomes any lack of experience and his infectious enthusiasm and charm endears him to colleagues and clients alike. Energetic, precocious and endlessly curious, Will is an antidote to complacency. Questioning and challenging, the freshness of his vision helps ensure that we continue to drive change in the world of communications.

Finance Director

Aaron Williams

Aaron started his career at KPMG Australia where he worked for 2 years after gaining a double degree in Law & Commerce from the University of Tasmania. The call of the UK was too much for him so he crossed the sea and joined our parent Porta Communications for 2.5 years before joining 2112 Communications as Management Accountant. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), Aaron counts searching for the Loch Ness monster as one of his hobbies.

Digital Designer

Nick Baldwin

Nick has taught us never to be annoyed by someone who is a ’know-it-all’. Because Nick is far too useful for us ever to get annoyed. Over the last few years many major brands have benefitted from his extensive graphic design skills - including Google, Microsoft, Heinz and Vodafone. Whether it’s web design, video and animation, or in fact anything that needs to look great, Nick will put his ‘know-it-all’ skills to good use - and does so every day. And when he’s not a ‘know-it all’ at work, Nick’s extensive knowledge of music and movies can empty a pub in less time than it takes to say ‘Sex Lives of the Potato Men’ - a film released in 2004 and widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time (as Nick will tell you).

Account Executive

Aulona Ismaili

Aulona decided to take the communications industry by storm straight from sixth form. After a couple of years working as a one-woman marketing department, doing everything from design to social media she decided it was time to join 2112 and let others do some of the work. When she’s not busy bringing her fresh approach to a broad cross-section of our clients, she likes to read dystopian literature (no relevance to her day job, by the way) and travel.

Senior Account Director

Esther Parks

Esther is one of our senior Account Directors and one of the jewels in the crown of 2112 Direct. Known to colleagues and clients alike as Eagle-eyed Parks, Esther hunts down anything in a DM campaign likely to trip our clients up and despatches it. No Financial Services compliance misdemeanour misses her watchful gaze; no complex DM programme escapes the building without her beady eyed attention. Everyone who's ever had the privilege of working with Esther would trust her with their lives. Esther swoops on projects and delivers with a speed and accuracy that takes your breath away. No wonder she's won awards for client service excellence. The only problem is that our clients so appreciate having Esther on their team that the demand to 'borrow' her to work at clients' own offices is growing. Hands off she's ours!

Senior Designer

Jimmy Lister

Jimmy is a lean, hungry and enthusiastic designer. Jimmy loves to dive right in to a project, explore all avenues and then craft his work by looking at every detail of typography, illustration and layout. He has experience working across retail, fashion, property and blue chip brands. When he's not in front of a mac, he’s in front of a bar enjoying someones else's craft – beer. He also finds time to go to museums and galleries (so he says).